Friday, March 19, 2010

Texas Roadhouse

42 East 1400 North, Logan

 There was a major buzz around town when reports started that Texas Roadhouse would be coming to Logan. All I heard was how great, amazing and fun it was going to be. Rumor had it that the steaks and ribs could not be beat. After going a couple of times, I have to whole-heartedly disagree.

The first time, my wife and I went with much anticipation. The wait in line is usually a substantial time, even if you call ahead. But the fact that, while waiting for a table, you can eat peanuts to your heart's content - while throwing your shells right on the floor - was an excellent start. I am a big fan of both peanuts and walking on crunchy shells.

Once we got a table, we we brought fresh, honey-buttered rolls straight out of the oven. This was easily the best part of our meal. I think I could live on those rolls and never complain.

We both got steaks and, while mine was cooked correctly and was fairly good, my wife's was very overcooked. The waiter never did ask how our food was or if our steaks were cooked okay. About halfway through our meal, one of the managers/owners came to our table to inquire about our meal. When my wife explained that her steak was overcooked, the manager took a look at it and agreed. He asked if we wanted a new steak cooked correctly, but my wife declined (as she was already halfway through with her meal). The manager instead gave her a card for a free meal next time we came in. We thought that was a good gesture, and was probably one of the only reasons we gave Texas Roadhouse a second try.

Unfortunately, our second visit was not much better than the first. The peanuts and rolls were great starts once again, but we were disappointed after that. This time, I tried the ribs, as I had heard great thing about them. But when i got them, they were hardly even warm. And I can't think of many things less appetizing than non-warm ribs. I didn't even think the flavor was good either. I ended up taking half of the ribs home, and I heated them up the next day. They were a little better hot than cold, but not enough to change my mind.

The side dishes (fries, salad, baked potato, sweet potato fries) were all okay, and the amount of food should definitely leave you leftovers. Perhaps we just had two bad experiences that are not par for the course, but I definitely do not recommend Texas Roadhouse. While the peanuts and rolls are awesome, something tells me that most people going to a steakhouse for dinner aren't going for the peanuts and rolls.


Whit said...

i can't say texas roadhouse is my favorite place to eat, but it's treated me fine so far. and, there's kind of a cool story behind the one in logan...

chartie said...

That is a pretty cool story. Thanks for sharing!

Meg said...

Dear Chartie,
I work for the Texas Roadhouse in Logan Utah. I came across this while searching our on line reviews. I want to give my sincere apologies that your first visit with us was so underwhelming. We strive for legendary food and service, and it's never good to hear that we did not meet those expectations. Since you wrote this review, we have started under new management and have made some drastic changes to our restaurant to improve the experiences of our guest. I would like to invite you back in, to give us a second shot. Ask for me, and we'd be happy to give you a meal on the house.

Thank you again for your constructive criticism, with out feedback we have no room for improvement.

Hope to hear from you soon,
Megan Overstreet
Texas Roadhouse, Logan Utah

Alysrian said...

You should do a review on the Beehive. Hopefully you can knock some sense into them. Their service is absolutely horrible, and their food is even worse. My entire neighborhood has blacklisted going there because even the owners don't care about their customers.

We used to be huge fans of the Beehive, until we went to Roadhouse. 150% better then the Beehive. To make our switch from the Beehive to the Roadhouse complete: The servers don't gossip about the customers in front of other customers. Was a horrible experience waiting for a table just to see the Beehive waitresses clustered together talking trash about a previous customer's comment card!

Oh and before you ask. A lot of us have called, emailed and even written comments down for the owners to see. They REALLY don't care.