Friday, January 29, 2010

Lucky for Logan

This summer my husband and I had the privileged of attending the play, The hanging of El Bandito. It was our very first Pickleville Play and and it made us fans for life. The characters were so funny, and we could tell they actors love doing what they do.

Lucky for the people of Cache Valley they are showing the play at the Ellen Eccles Theater February 13 and 15. This is because it was so popular this summer.

This play also convinced my husband that plays aren't bad after all and he even bought me tickets to the Pickleville Christmas play. We both died laughing in that one too.

We highly recommend this show to anyone who is in Logan that weekend and is looking for a night of side splitting, good acting, fun. The man who writes these plays (T.J. Davis) is such a hilarious man and does such a good job.

We love Pickleville plays and will keep attending them. Keep up the good work!

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wbloss said...

Just a heads up - this will not be at the Ellen Eccles Theatre, downtown, but the Pickleville Players occasionally present at the Eccles Conference Center on the USU Campus, so perhaps they will be there.

Wally Bloss
Executive Director
Cache Valley Center for the Arts (aka Ellen Eccles Theatre)